Students’ gothic work at the end of the 8 week course

So last week, the students chose one scary piece of paper or card from my stash.  I’ve been warning them that there’s nothing scarier than a blank piece of good quality paper – especially when you only have one piece of it – how many times have I ruled it up, marked it out, done all the prep, started lettering and in the very first word or line something goes horribly wrong!

Anyway, they all did a great job and, more importantly, they all critiqued themselves and knew what they’d done wrong, or could do better or how they’d do it differently.  I’m not going to say anything here as we discussed it in the lesson.  I wish this course could run for another couple of weeks, I think we could really tidy up and improve these final creations but in I have 2 weeks off then my italic course starts.

First up, Marion’s piece



This is Josette’s and I have to say that I love, love, love her quote and I shall possibly be stealing it! Did you make it up Josette or do I have to ask permission from someone else?  



And Christine… she pencilled it first then was too scared to ink it… no I’ve never done that before 😉



This is Mark’s piece, he and his wife Marionne bought every colour foil they could find after the gilding lesson and used it!  The card is bluish but you can’t really tell from the pic.  You also can’t really see the high shine of the blue foil which is down to my rubbish picture taking skills. Sorry Mark!



This is Vicky’s, done in her sketchbook and not on the card. Finally, something that’s not just practice  eh Vicky?!



And the last 2 pieces are Marionne’s.  I think she’s got the lettering bug!  We looked back at her practice lettering and the ‘L’ in Lord did start off life as an ‘L’ but she got a bit carried away with the final piece!  One thing I will say now though, which I didn’t notice on Thursday is that all the flourishes of the L in Lord, p in shepherd and b in be, all just about follow the same diagonal line and balance the lettering.



And Marionne’s final piece.  I love the shading on the flowers and the way she’s laid out the lettering.  








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