Coming to the end of the Gothic course

I’ve really enjoyed this bunch of students!  They’ve worked so hard and been so enthusiastic that they’ve been a pleasure to teach.  Here’s some pics of their work from weeks 6/7.

This is Marion, the lady who brought a felt calligraphy pen to the first few lessons then was convinced to get a fountain pen and improved instantly.  



Marion’s friend Josette, a real dark horse!


Now husband and wife team, Mark and Marionne.  Mark first:

Mark1 Mark2

And here’s Marionne’s:

Marionne-6 Marionne5


No, their pieces aren’t perfect and there’s plenty more practice to do but after only 12 hours of lessons and plenty of work at home, I’m really chuffed with what they’ve achieved.  And this considering the room is too small and there are 10 students packed round a tiny table meaning I can’t get behind them to peer over their shoulders and correct hand positions and generally nag!



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The plan was to leave Tripoli in 2012, head home to Malta and set up a calligraphy business but it's all happened a bit quicker!
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