KPMG – 90 minute calligraphy!

I was contacted by KMPG Malta to ask if I could go and teach some of their staff calligraphy as part of their team building exercises.  Not a problem!  In 90 minutes?  Oh heck!  So after much thinking, plotting and planning I came up with the lesson; how to write their name in uncial.  I provided 2 sets of guidelines, my uncial exemplar and a Zig calligraphy felt tip pen.

What fun it was!  Hardly any history, the briefest of briefest explanations about x-height, nib angle and ruling guidelines and off we went.  I was absolutely amazed at how quickly they picked it and how well they did.

The nearest student was called Eric so I demonstrated how to letter an E then went round each of the 8 students correcting and encouraging.  Then it was onto the R and how important the serif is.  The I which is nothing without the serif and then the C which is basically an E.  The next name, Esther, well we’d already done the E and R so it was just the S, T and H.   The last person was Francesca who had waited patiently for us to get round to the F to complete her name and there was 80 minutes gone!  And what is it with the letter F?  Everyone got the hang of it straight away.

There were a few letters that weren’t in people’s names so I demo’d them at the end and then we briefly did a bit of Celtic knotwork but we really needed a bit more time to fully understand it!





About Helen

The plan was to leave Tripoli in 2012, head home to Malta and set up a calligraphy business but it's all happened a bit quicker!
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