Practice at home

These are all on offcuts and scrap limestone found at a local building site.


Drawn on paper and traced onto the stone, rearranging the letters as I went. The ‘A’ and ‘M’ should be slightly more slanted which I didn’t notice until all the letters were cut.


Computer font Trajan, traced directly onto the stone.  I was really pleased with some bits and thought ‘ahhh, that’s how to do it’, then immediately cocked up the next bit.


A small piece of stone. I drew the letter directly onto it.   Thought painting cut stone would be easy! At least it can be seen, unlike my dodgy black and white pics!



About Helen

The plan was to leave Tripoli in 2012, head home to Malta and set up a calligraphy business but it's all happened a bit quicker!
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2 Responses to Practice at home

  1. Beautiful Helen! It’s amazing how beautiful it is seeing a typeface emerge from stone.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Malcolm, but you wouldn’t say that if you saw them close up!

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